1.  You will need to create a free gmail account from Google for Picture-Alert to function. If you already have a gmail account feel free to use it. Please visit and create your new gmail account.  It’s a very good idea to have a separate email account for an application like this.  This prevents harmful content being sent to a work email address, where most work emails are monitored.

On your child’s phone:

2.  Open the “Market” application.

3.  Tap on the magnifine glass and do a search for “Picture Alert”

4.  Download Picture-Alert

5.  After you download and install Picture-Alert, navigate into the All Programs menu and tap on Picture-Alert’s icon.

Welcome to Picture-Alert

  • Make sure the “Enable Forwarding” button is turned “ON”
  • Enter your gmail email address under the E-mail ID.
  • Enter your gmail password under the Password field.
  • In the subject field, enter your child’s name.  This will appear in the subject field of every email you receive from this phone.
  • At the bottom of the Picture-Alerts settings menu; enter in a 4-digit restriction code.  Tap in each box and enter your code.  This will restrict your child from entering into Picture-Alerts settings and turn off the application.
  • When finished completing all fields, tap the Apply button at the top of the screen.  Once you tap the apply button; Picture-Alert is then enabled and will start running.

  • Next time you access Picture-Alert the restriction menu will prompt you for your 4-digit restriction code.
  • Depending on how much data is previously stored on the device, you may see your first email from Picture-Alert within the hour.