Picture-Alert is a parental control application for the Android platform. This application has the power to instantly transfer ANY picture/video taken from your child’s Android phone, to any gmail address that you specify in Picture-Alert’s application settings. Picture-Alert not only transfers media taken from your child’s camera phone, but also has the ability to intercept any receiving attachments your child may obtain from peers via text messaging or email.  Once these attachments have been downloaded and stored onto the device, they will instantly be forwarded to the email address that you inputted into Picture-Alerts settings.

Main Feature:

  • Forward all photos/videos taken from device to your gmail account.

Additional Features:

  • Email Notify if someone attempts to access Picture-Alerts settings menu.
  • When connecting the phone to a computer via USB cable, the phone can act as an external storage device, giving your child full access to put any media on the phone.  Picture-Alert will detect newly transferred media and forward the content.
    • Photos
    • Videos

Picture-Alert is available on the Android Market.  Download Picture-Alert from the Android Market place directly from the device you want to monitor.  Limited offer for $4.99

Taking offensive damaging pictures and videos may be greatly reduced or completely eliminated with this application, protecting the individual child, peers, parents and the surrounding community.

Picture-Alert just published a new update mid November 2011. This update consists of updating the compatibility list of new devices.  Any questions regarding Picture-Alert please email us.   contact@picture-alert.com