Terms & Conditions

All customers of Picture-Alert are required to accept all terms and conditions on this page before downloading and installing Picture-Alert.

Picture-Alert does not physically store any data from its customers.  All data is transferred to a specified email address that the customer inputs into Picture-Alert.  Customers may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, or transfer any content obtained by Picture-Alert.  This content is for the customers view purposes only.

It is the responsibility of the user of Picture-Alert to obey all applicable laws in their country in regard to the use of Picture-Alert.  By downloading and installing Picture-Alert, you represent that Picture-Alert will be used in only a lawful manner.  Installing Picture-Alert on another person’s phone without their knowledge can be considered as an illegal activity. Customers are responsible to obey all laws in their country. By purchasing and downloading Picture-Alert, you hereby agree to the above.

Applications that are eligible for return are marked with a ‘Uninstall & Refund’ button. Please note that after the 24-hour return period has expired, all sales are final. After 24 hours, selecting the “Uninstall” button will simply remove the application from your device.