Sexting, cyber-bullying and other media based interaction among the sometimes uninhibited youth, has drawn critical attention from the parental, educational and town wide communities.

A very complex issue, sexting, the transferring of media from mobile devices to other devices such as personal computers and phones, has become a major issue. As a result of this, parents, educators and town officials are asking guidance as to how to provide appropriate strategies to best guide the youth of today. Becoming an involved participant in the increasing world of technology is critical for ensuring an optimistic future for our children. One irresponsible e-mail, text message or photo could damage a young life and that of others. (Parents included)

Picture-Alert provides an opportunity for children to use good judgment when using their phone within the framework of photos and texting. And because parents are often buying and paying the monthly bills, who else is better suited to have a watchful and dutiful eye. Parents are now the conscientious parties who will be directly and legally responsible for damages to their child’s, family or other’s reputations, who may be involved in perhaps a sometimes criminal activity.

What is Picture-Alert

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